Webcard: Smart Card Web Server

What you see here is web information from the actual Webcard smart card Web Server whose URL is http://smarty.citi.umich.edu/.

This Webcard web server is running on a Cyberflex Access smart card with 16 KB of eeprom. The card is connected to the Internet via an ISO 7816 T=0 serial link at 55.8 Kbps. The card terminal is connected to an OpenBSD server running a simple daemon that forwards packets between the card and the Internet via a tunnel device. All ip, tcp, and http processing is handled by the card, and all web content is stored on the card.

In addition to this page, this Webcard also contains these files:
Webcard photo
Webcard java source code

For more information about smart card research at CITI, see the CITI Smart Cards page.