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Exercise 7: Load an applet

Now we are going to load an applet on the card. The source for the applet is a java program, I have already turned this into an applet for you. If you want to make an applet yourself, you will need a java compiler, the Cyberflex class files, and a post-processor called "mksolo" that links class files into a form suitable for loading into the card. All of this is available in the Cyberflex Access Starter Kit.

This simple applet accepts input data and either encrypts or decrypts it using a key from the 0011 key file. We are using one of the manufacturer's default keys but you can load any key you want on the card. The algorithm in use is DES, but the card also supports 3DES and RSA.

You will need the compiled applet, secbdes.bin, for this next step.

% sectok
sectok> login -d
sectok> jload secbdes.bin
sectok> q