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Projects: NFS Version 4 Open Source Reference Implementation

NFSv4 OpenBSD Client Release June 2003

This release does not include locking, delegation, reboot recovery, and several other useful features. It does pass the Connectathon basic tests against most compliant servers. It is intended for use with OpenBSD 3.3.


How to build and run the OpenBSD kernel with NFSv4 client

I assume you already know how to build kernels. If not, this FAQ might help:
Step 1: Extract the tarball
cd /usr/src/sys (or wherever you keep your kernel sources)
tar xfvz openbsd-3.3-nfsv4-20030620.tar.gz

Step 2: Apply the patches
patch <Patches

Step 3: Config the kernel
Edit your kernel config file. Add the following lines:

option		NFSCLIENT	# Network File System client
option		NFSV4
option		NFS4_DEBUG

Comment out all other NFS options. For now, NFSv4 can not co-exist with
NFSv3 in the same kernel. We will eventually fix this.

Run "config" in the normal way.

Step 4: Fix the Makefile
cd to your compile subdir.
sed 's/-Werror //' <Makefile >x
mv x Makefile

Step 5: Compile, install, and reboot.

Step 6: Build mount_nfs
Optionally move the mount_nfs subdir to a more convenient location, such as
/usr/src/sbin. Build and copy it to /sbin, after saving the original v3
version. It must be named "mount_nfs" so that "mount" can find it.

cd mount_nfs; make mount_nfs
mv /sbin/mount_nfs /sbin/mount_nfs-
cp mount_nfs /sbin

Step 7: Mount your v4 server
mount_nfs servername:/ /mnt projects | techreports | press | lab | location | staff Email address
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