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Projects: NFS Version 4 Open Source Reference Implementation

NFSv4 FreeBSD Client Release November 2003

This release does not include locking, delegation, reboot recovery, and several other useful features. It does pass the Connectathon basic tests against most compliant servers. It is intended for use with FreeBSD 5.1.


How to build and run the NFSv4 client for FreeBSD

How to build and run the NFSv4 client for FreeBSD

Step 1: Update kernel source
This version of the client only works with a recent copy of FreeBSD 5.1.
Mine is from Sept 9.  If you get compiler complaints about arguments to the
vnode ops, you have the wrong kernel version.

Step 2: Extract the tarball
cd /usr/local/src (or wherever)
tar xfvz freebsd-5.1-nfs4-20031105.tar.gz
cd freebsd-5.1-nfs4-20031105

Step 3: Build the kernel module
cd nfs4client
make SYSDIR=/usr/src/sys (or wherever you keep your kernel source)

Step 4: Copy module to /boot/kernel and load
cp nfs4client.ko /boot/kernel
kldxref /boot/kernel
kldload nfs4client.ko

Step 5: Build and install mount_nfs4
cd ../mount_nfs4
cp mount_nfs4 /sbin

Step 6: Build and run idmapd (optional)
cd ../daemon
./idmapd -d

Step 7: Mount your v4 server
mount_nfs4 servername:/ /mnt

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