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help: Add a CITI page

How to "Make A CITI Page":

I don't know if you've noticed but most (if not all) of the CITI pages look the same. It is done this way to bring some order to this otherwise chaotic world that we live in.
The way that we make all of our pages look so simular is Server Side Includes (SSI). These are commands inserted in the page that the server parses, and executes. We just have SSI's at the top and bottom of the page.

How to add the SSI's and be cool: First put the header on the page.

  • Delete the WHOLE HEADER of your page. That means from the first line of the page to past the <body ... > tag. You should even include the title of that page in that mass deletion!
  • Add this to the top of your page (nothing before it (no <HTML> or anything!)):
    	<!--#include virtual="/" -->
    	<!--#include virtual="/" -->
    	<!--#include virtual="/" -->
    Of course you must repace BOTH "title"'s with the title of the page preferably in this format: SECTION : TITLE. So if you made the new smartcard page the title would read: "projects : smartcards".
    NOTE: you dont need to put the "CITI:" or the "Center for Information Technology Integration" in the titles. They are already there - you just didn't look at the actual include files!
    also -- please make the titles different for each page like adding a ": links" to the links page. This makes the browsing easier!
  • This added the proper html start of page commands, the title, a nice heading, and the top navigation section.
Now for the footer!:
  • Delete the </body> and </html> tags, and anything else at the bottom of the page (including the navigation section (all the links)).
  • Add this to the absolute bottom of the page:
    	<!-- Bottom navigation and info section (start)-->
    	<!--#include virtual="/include.html" -->
  • This added the bottom navigation section, and made sure that it looked right. projects | techreports | press | lab | location | staff Email address
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