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help: add a user

How to add a user to the citi page:
  • First make a symbolic link from the /u/ directory to the place in your home directory where your page is.
    % cd /afs/
    % ln -s ~me/www ./me
    Now when you go to your page should appear.

  • Create an Image (thumbnail ~45x45)
  • add your entry to the page, like this:
    % cd /afs/
    % ./addstaff (or ./addalumni , whichever one is right, and type in the appropriate info)
    % ./make [path to out file] (DON'T make the outfile ../index.html you should check it first!)
  • once you checked the file:
    % mv [path-to-outfile] /afs/
  • in order to change or delete entries run:
    % /afs/
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